Jenna O’Hea is ready to lead the Opals at Tokyo

This article was first written for and published by the Roar.

If you take a look at Jenna O’Hea’s Instagram account, you will see a photo of her holding her ticket to Tokyo.

O’Hea is one of 12 women recently named as part of the Australian Opals squad to compete at Tokyo. The reason I mention this photo is because O’Hea’s face perfectly encapsulates how she is feeling about her selection.

“That face definitely showed what I was feeling inside,” said O’Hea.

Alyce Wood: Tokyo is a family affair

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics are certainly going to be different.

In a ‘Playbook’ released by the Organising Committee in April this year, specific rules were set out for all athletes who will compete at the Games. Amongst other things, athletes will be required to wear a mask at all times, even when standing on the dais, athletes have also been warned about singing, cheering and celebrating with their team mates and will unfortunately be unable to access spectator areas to watch other sports.

Hardcore and heartbreak: Shazza McKenzie shows both in the ring

This article was first written for and published by Siren Sport

If you asked Chantelle McTeare to describe herself, she uses words like quiet, shy and timid.

But when McTeare becomes Shazza McKenzie in the ring, it becomes a completely different ball game.

McTeare discovered wrestling when she was 15 years old. Her boyfriend at the time had an interest in the sport.

The sport that won Amie Thompson’s heart

This article was first written for and published by Siren Sport.

Before I introduce you all to artistic swimmer Amie Thompson, I want to set the record straight on two frequently asked questions.

First of all it’s artistic swimming. Not synchronised swimming. The proposed name change from synchronised to artistic swimming was passed in 2017 at the International Swimming Federation Congress in July 2017.

Becchara Palmer is focused on success both on and off the sand

This post was first written for and published by the Roar.

Like many other talented sportswomen, Becchara Palmer grew up playing a variety of sports.

Palmer was so good at sport that she went to a sporting high school. During her high school years, the South Australia Sports Institute paid the school a visit and Palmer participated in their talent identification program.