Two teams. Two trophies. One Club.

I now have a much better understanding on how the universe works. For the last 5 years, Sydney Thunder fans have looked at the Big Bash table, wondering why it couldn’t be our team playing in the finals. Why we hadn’t won a Premiership. Wondering when our moment in the sun would come.

And yesterday our moment in the sun finally came. I am calling it destiny that the Sydney Thunder have made history. We will go down in history as the first winners of the inaugural WBBL competition and by being the first BBL franchise to win both the men and women’s competition in the same year. It’s been worth the wait.

We did it!

We did it. After our most successful start to a BBL season in the history of the Sydney Thunder, last night, with the Adelaide Strikers defeating the Melbourne Renegades, it was confirmed. The Sydney Thunder will be competing in the finals, in both the men and women’s competition. This is a tremendous feat which deserves to be celebrated – but not too much, we have a big game coming up on Thursday.

Falling in love with the Sydney Thunder

On Saturday night something funny happened. Not ‘ha ha funny’ but a kind of odd funny.

I was on my way to one of the most beautiful grounds in the world, the Sydney Cricket Ground, to watch the Sydney Thunder take on the Sydney Sixers. Our last game of the regular season. The game was crucial. After 4 straight losses to begin 2016, to have any chance of playing in the finals, this was a must win game for the Sydney Thunder. I was hoping that our regular season would end in the same way that it started – with a win over our arch rivals the Sixers.

Thunder v Sixers – What sporting rivalries are made of!

Fate has a funny little way of operating doesn’t it?

If you had spoken to me at the end of December, I would have told you that my Sydney Thunder were dead certainties to play in the Big Bash Finals this year. We had won our first 3 games (our best start to a BBL season ever) and the form I had seen was enough to suggest that we should have been more than competitive in our games in January. Hussey was batting beautifully. Dre-Russ had won over every Sydney Thunder fan. Clint McKay turned back time and Jacques Kallis showed over and over again why he is one of the classiest players to ever play the game of cricket.

Painting the town green!

Perhaps very few of you were expecting a blog from me before our game this Thursday night against the Perth Scorchers. After all, the Sydney Thunder have not started 2016 in the best of form with back-to-back losses to the Hobart Hurricanes and the Brisbane Heat. But… I am resilient – I am a Sydney Thunder fan and a Parramatta Eels fan. I have seen my fair share of losses over the last couple of years and as you all know, it’s about far more than winning to me.

Sydney Thunder go 3 from 3

Is it coincidence that since I joined up as a member of the Sydney Thunder that the team is undefeated and for the first time in history have won 3 games in a row? I’ m going to be so bold as to say that it isn’t a coincidence. I’ll say no more, just in case I jinx the team.

Last night’s victory was no small feat. For those of you that didn’t know, the Adelaide Strikers were also undefeated going into last night’s game. Social media was telling me that the Strikers would be the Thunder’s undoing and that the Thunder were not good enough to go three in a row.

Selfies, signatures and then they all went home

It’s been a pretty special Big Bash season for me so far.

At the beginning of this season I decided to join the Sydney Thunder family. And so I did. I became one of the 5,000 people who decided to become part of the #ThunderNation for 2015.

Aiden Blizzard became my favourite player and Spotless Stadium became my spiritual home away from home (ie. Parramatta Stadium). The one aspect I am yet to master is the wearing of green (I just don’t have any in my wardrobe!)

The Sydney Thunder v Sydney Sixers

BBL05 – The Sydney Thunder have arrived. We hope you are ready for us.

With Mike Hussey leading the way, the Sydney Thunder have started the season off with a historic win over the Sydney Sixers at Spotless Stadium.  With a final score of 4/158 compared to the Sydney Sixers score of 122, BBL05 could not possibly have begun in a more tremendous way for the men in green.

Top 5 cricket handbag items

One more sleep. Only one more sleep until the very first game of the Sydney Thunder’s BBL05 season.

I’m very excited about seeing all of you at Spotless Stadium tomorrow night, dressed in green, of course.

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