Horror in Hobart

It’s been a few days, and the haze of exhaustion and disappointment are starting to lift. I am keeping a close eye on this round of Sheffield Shield with great interest. I am also following the speculation regarding who the new Chairman of Selectors will be. (I’m just going to jump on Team Steve Waugh […]

Sensationalised media headlines

One day I hope to write an article or two that are about cheerful things that have inspired me to pen a passionate epistle. But not today. It just seems to be that I become inspired when I’m riled up. So, first things first (I’m the realest)…I’m glad Australia won the second T20 against South […]

The age of disposable cricketers

I was at the Sydney Smash at the SCG this last weekend with my friend, Lucy. We were sitting in the Ladies’ Pavilion, watching the Thunder crush the Sixers, when Lucy said something along the lines of, “I miss the good old days – you know, with Hussey, and Hayden, McGrath and Warne. Cricketers these […]