Thunder v Sixers – What sporting rivalries are made of!

Fate has a funny little way of operating doesn’t it?

If you had spoken to me at the end of December, I would have told you that my Sydney Thunder were dead certainties to play in the Big Bash Finals this year. We had won our first 3 games (our best start to a BBL season ever) and the form I had seen was enough to suggest that we should have been more than competitive in our games in January. Hussey was batting beautifully. Dre-Russ had won over every Sydney Thunder fan. Clint McKay turned back time and Jacques Kallis showed over and over again why he is one of the classiest players to ever play the game of cricket.

I perhaps, was a little bit cocky… but who could blame me?

Then, came 2016. I’m not quite sure what happened, but this year has not been kind to my men in green. We have lost all our games this year – 2 in particularly heartbreaking circumstances. We now find ourselves with one game left to go fighting for our first finals birth in BBL history. And who is that final game against? Who is the team we have to beat in order to play BBL finals? As fate would have it, it is none other than our fiercest rival – the Sydney Sixers.

Despite only being in BBL05 the rivalry between these two teams is strong. Whilst it may not have the fuelled emotion of a Parramatta Eels v Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs or a Manly Sea Eagles v every other team in the NRL, I’m certain that this, in time, will develop into a tremendous sporting rivalry. This rivalry has it all. It has geographic proximity. Each team is fighting to be the local pride of Sydney and to win the hearts and minds of Sydneysiders. Fighting for respect. Fighting for members. Fighting for their team colours. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

The truth is, Sydney Thunder fans don’t much like our friends from across the bridge.

It is only fitting that the team we need to beat on Saturday night are the Sydney Sixers. It is only fitting that we do battle in hostile territory, the SCG (albeit it being one of the most beautiful grounds in the world). It is only fitting that the Thunder’s BBL regular season began with a win over the Sydney Sixers and will hopefully end in the same way.

The Sixers have been terribly unlucky this year. Losing Moses Henriques was a tremendous blow and injuries to Nic Maddinson and Steve O’Keefe have meant that the team has struggled.

But there’s nothing like a rivalry to make a team bring it’s A-game. I have no doubt that the Sixers will not be push overs this Saturday night and that this game will go right down to the wire. How much would the Sixers like to be the ones to say that ‘we knocked the Thunder out of finals contention once and for all?”

To the #ThunderNation – I’m hoping to see you out there on Saturday night. Our men in green need all the support they can get and let’s be real, the SCG is a beautiful place to watch cricket. Usually I avoid wearing lime green at all costs, but I think I might have to make an exception this weekend – this game means too much to put anything to chance.

This game is close to sell-out so I’m hoping the #ThunderNation will be out in force.

Let’s show those Sixers who Sydney belongs to. Let’s show them that we are the better team. Let’s finish our season the way we started it, with a glorious victory over the Sixers.


Ladies who Legspin xxx