Sydney Thunder go 3 from 3

Is it coincidence that since I joined up as a member of the Sydney Thunder that the team is undefeated and for the first time in history have won 3 games in a row? I’ m going to be so bold as to say that it isn’t a coincidence. I’ll say no more, just in case I jinx the team.

Last night’s victory was no small feat. For those of you that didn’t know, the Adelaide Strikers were also undefeated going into last night’s game. Social media was telling me that the Strikers would be the Thunder’s undoing and that the Thunder were not good enough to go three in a row.

But our men in green proved them wrong last night.

Here are my top 5 favourite moments from last night’s game:

5. Not quite a century – But Jacques Kallis certainly got close. Kallis starred for the Sydney Thunder both with bat and ball. With an unbeaten 49 off 48 balls with the bat, after his partnership with Aiden Blizzard the Thunder found themselves in an almost unbeatable position with 66 runs off the first 10 overs. And let me tell you… there was nothing wrong with the pitch.

4. Brad Hodge hitting a giant six into the crowd and the very clever gentleman who caught it, who just happened to be sitting behind me. Just remember, I write about cricket. I don’t play… which explains why instead of sticking my hands up for the catch, I was ducking for cover.

3. 2/22 – Following the dismissal of Tim Ludeman and Craig Simmons, the Adelaide Strikers found themselves with a score of 2/22. Whenever I see a score of 2/22 I always have a knowing smile on my face because it reminds me of the great Richie Benaud. For those of you not sure why 2/22 is associated with the great man, it is because he always had a slightly unusual way of pronouncing the word 2. It kind of sounded like ‘chew for chwenty-two’. The 12th Man has had a lot of fun with this over the year.

2. Gurinder Sandhu – Not to be outdone by the great Dre Russ, Sandhu also took a wicket in his first over. Not only a talent on the field, but a delight off it, Sandhu spent over 40 minutes after the game signing autographs and taking selfies with his adoring fans.

1. Can we start over – That’s exactly what the Adelaide Strikers, particularly Tim Ludeman would have been thinking. Ludeman found himself walking back to the sheds with a royal duck in hand (this means he was out on the first ball of the first over). Dre Russ struck again and this was the start of what was a very dominant performance by the men in green in the field.

I could relive these moments over and over. But at the moment, let’s just enjoy being top of the table.


Ladies who Legspin xxx