Top 5 cricket handbag items

One more sleep. Only one more sleep until the very first game of the Sydney Thunder’s BBL05 season.

I’m very excited about seeing all of you at Spotless Stadium tomorrow night, dressed in green, of course.

Earlier this week, I helped you decide where to sit. You can check out that story here.

Now that you know where to sit, I’ve decided to prepare a simple check list for you. These are my top 5 things of what you need in your handbag when you come to a Sydney Thunder game.

5. Green. Green. Green. I don’t care if it is a green hat, a green dress, green shoelaces or green zinc. As proud members of the #ThunderNation it is so important that we wear green. When the players run out tomorrow night, I am hoping it is to a sea of green.

4. If you read my story on where to sit and took my advice and are sitting in Bay 207, then don’t forget a sharpie. Bay 207 is the best place to sit for a selfie or for the kids to get an autograph. Don’t show up without something for the players to sign the autographs with.

3. These items could probably be split into a couple of different categories – but come prepared for the weather. This means a poncho if it is rainy, sunscreen if it is hot. Watermelon hats are encouraged, but are of course, optional.

2. If you are sitting on the Mazda Beach be sure to bring along a shovel and a spade. I’m trying to convince someone at the Sydney Thunder to award a prize for the best built sand castle by the end of the season.

1. If you are a member of the #ThunderNation don’t forget to bring along your members pass. This piece of plastic is your entry into the pre and post-match functions and will not only get you access to the Stadium, but will also tell you where you are sitting if you have a reserved seat. For those of you who are only new to the #ThunderNation and have not received your packs yet, not to worry, the Thunder Membership Team will have a stand set up at Spotless Stadium Gate 5 for you to pick up your packs.

On review of this list, perhaps you’ll need a tote instead of a handbag.

Most of all though don’t forget your voices. We’ll need every single one of you to help cheer on our men in green.

See you at Spotless! I’m off to purchase some green zinc…


Ladies who Legspin xxx