The Sydney Thunder v Sydney Sixers

BBL05 – The Sydney Thunder have arrived. We hope you are ready for us.

With Mike Hussey leading the way, the Sydney Thunder have started the season off with a historic win over the Sydney Sixers at Spotless Stadium.  With a final score of 4/158 compared to the Sydney Sixers score of 122, BBL05 could not possibly have begun in a more tremendous way for the men in green.

In honour of BBL05 – this blog is going to come in series of 5.

First of all, these are my top 5 favourite numbers from last night:

18,287 – that’s how many people turned up to Spotless Stadium last night to enjoy the #sydneysmash.  In a stadium that holds just over 21,000 people that’s close to a sell out. Well done Thunder Nation!

1 – this number can be used to describe many things. 1 questionable lbw decision (everyone around me thought he was plumb). 1 missed opportunity. 1 dropped catch. 1 mistake.  This basically describes the night for poor Michael Lumb from the Sydney Sixers. Despite being pretty handy with the bat (scoring 34), he dropped a sitter of a catch and will be looking to bounce back in his next appearance for the Sixers.

7.5 – this is the number of minutes it took for the Sydney Thunder crowd to fall in love with our latest recruit, Andre Russell.  With final bowling numbers of 3/13 and taking a key wicket in Brad Haddin, his bowling certainly won over the Spotless crowd. I can’t wait to see what he does with a bat in hand.

6 – the number of times I participated in a Mexican wave.

7 – this is the number of matches that the Sydney Thunder and Sydney Sixers have played against each other in the last 4 seasons.  Last night, game 8, was the first time the Sydney Thunder have ever defeated the Sixers in a Sydney Smash.

And it wouldn’t be a match report without naming my top 5 players last night:

Shane Watson – final numbers of 3/13. Watto will be a valuable asset for the Thunder this season.

Clint McKay – some people around me didn’t recognise him with his longer hair. Another star of the bowling attack last night, he finished on final numbers of 2/11. McKay also got the bowling off to a tremendous start with the first wicket for the Thunder of the night.

Chris Green – special mention to the youngster who had a caught and bowled last night.

Andre Russell – not only did he also have final number of 3/13, but he was an absolute fan favourite and had many questioning why he isn’t playing for the West Indies.

Mike Hussey – with 22 singles, seven twos, four fours and four sixers, Mike proved that they don’t call him Mr Cricket for nothing.  Talk about a Captain leading by example – he was not out on 80 runs from 59 balls and was a key part of the batting performance that put the Thunder in a dominant position heading into bowl. I loved the roar of the crowd as they heard the sound of the crack on the bat every time he hit a four.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next Sydney Thunder home game and for now, enjoy bragging rights over all your friends who support the Sixers (you have waited long enough!)


Ladies who Legspin

P.S. I’ve also explained 5 cricket terms for you below – enjoy!

1. LBW – This stands for leg before wicket and is one of the ways that a batter can get out. It basically means that the ball would have hit the wicket, but was instead hit with a part of the batsman’s body (eg. his legs).

2. Plumb – This means that there is no doubt that someone is out lbw.  For example, ‘Haddin was plumb’.

3. Sitter – A colloquial term for a very easy catch.

4. A bowler’s batting stats.  The first number is the number of wickets taken and the second number is the number of total runs scored off balls bowled by that bowler.

5. Caught and bowled – This is exactly what it sounds like.  It is when a bowler takes a wicket by catching a hit from the batsman that the bowler just bowled to.