Where should you sit at Spotless Stadium?

With Sydney Thunder Fan Day now over, you know what this means. There is less than a week till the Thunder BBL team take on their first opponents, the Sydney Sixers, at Spotless Stadium.

Later this week I’ll share my top 10 things that you have to have in your handbag when you come to Sydney Thunder games but before we get to must haves for the handbag, we have to pick where you are going to sit.

For those of you who have been to other sporting events or even concerts you know that where you sit can often make or break your night… so I’m here to help.

If you have not been to Spotless Stadium before, you are in for a treat. It’s a great ground to watch sport because it’s not too big. This means that fans really do get the opportunity to be nice and close to the action. The fact that the Stadium holds just over 21,000 people means that it’s very easy to create a tremendous atmosphere and I can assure you that the #ThunderNation are going to bring the noise this Summer.

But where should you sit? That all depends on what you want out of your match day experience.

I was never a very good cricket player myself so the last place I would want to sit is somewhere where you can catch a six. I would probably duck for cover or hope that my brother or friend would catch the ball in my place. I’m going to be extremely optimistic and say that the Sydney Thunder are going to be hitting sixes all over the park – so anywhere from Bay 201-253 should be perfect.

I’m a person that loves a photo with my favourite player. I love a selfie so if I can sit somewhere where my chances of an autograph are high, count me in. The best place to make sure your chances of a selfie are high are in Bay 207. This is prime position for autographs, photos and cuddles with your favourite members of the Thunder squad. But if you don’t get a photo, don’t come looking for me.

What about public transport? If you’re planning to get the train to Spotless Stadium and want to make a quick getaway after the game, then your best bet is Bay 219. This is closest to Gate D and will ensure that you can make a quick escape after a Thunder victory.

Are you a Taylor Swift fan? One of her biggest songs is Style. If you want to watch the game in style then you have two options – tickets to the Mazda Beach or to the Sky Deck. These are the swankiest parts of Spotless Stadium and will ensure that not only do you get to enjoy a tremendous game of cricket and some great entertainment, but you’ll be doing it with the most spectacular view that money can buy.

Do you want to feel like you are part of something special? Do you want to sit next to the same people every game and create a Thunder family for yourself over the summer? Then it doesn’t really matter where you sit, but you should definitely get your hands on a reserved seating membership for the season. This means you will have your own personal seat for the summer and that the people around you will also have their own personal seat and will likely be the same for each game. By the end of the season the people sitting around you will be your Thunder family. You will know who their favourite players are and where they celebrated Christmas. When the end of the season arrives you’ll give them a hug and promise that you’ll see each other next season.

Wherever you end up sitting this Thursday night, make sure that you bring the noise. We want the team to know that we’re behind them and hopefully come Friday we’ll all be celebrating a win over the Sydney Sixers.

Later this week… my must haves for your handbag for a Sydney Thunder game.


Ladies who Legspin xxx