Referees get it right and the commentators misread the room – again

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When I was growing up ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ was one of my favourite fables. The lesson from that fable was that a liar will not be believed even if they are telling the truth.

I was reminded of that fable this week on several occasions; leading into the judiciary appearance of Jared Warea-Hargreaves and after listening to some of the absurd commentary about the men’s finals fixtures.

NRLW: Week 2 preview

This article was first written for and published by the Roar

One of the biggest challenges with the NRLW is the length of the season.

There are important reasons for a four-week season, but what it means for the teams competing is that they do not have the same opportunity that exists in the men’s game to build momentum.

NRLW has learnt from AFLW’s disrespect

This article was first written for and published for The Roar.

There has been overwhelming positivity leading into Season 2 of the NRLW.

But still there have been people who assume they know what’s best for the women’s game. These people accuse the NRL of sexism for having only a four-week competition with four teams and the majority of games scheduled before the men’s finals fixtures.

The Parramatta Eels regular season 2019 in review..

This article was written by Melissa Muscat, Inaugural Parramatta Eels Members Councillor – 2018.

Here we are Parramatta Eels fans. At the backend of another season, but the difference this year is that we’re still playing footy in September. For only the second time since I’ve been a member in ten years, the Eels are about to play finals footy. And I am so excited, I’m telling anyone who’ll listen. What a season it’s been too. Momentous is what comes to mind so here I’ll attempt to cover all that was big for the blue and gold since March. 

The biggest moments of season 2019

This article was first written for and published by The Roar.

Eight teams can now look forward to end-of-season holidays in Bali, with the other eight sides starting finals football.

Rugby league is the game that keeps on giving, both on and off the field, and 2019 was no exception. So before we say goodbye to the eight bottom teams, here are some of the biggest moments that shaped the 2019 season.

History shows rags-to-riches Cowboys have come a long way

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From the days of players laying turf instead of training to a state-of-the-art venue in 2020, the Cowboys have come a long way.

It was a nod to history last Thursday when the Cowboys hosted the Bulldogs in a farewell to 1300SMILES Stadium. It was fitting the last fixture featured the same two teams that opened the stadium on March 11, 1995.