It’s just another Membership Monday


I’m calling it – its Membership Monday.

I’ve been thinking about my next year in sport for a couple of weeks now and it’s time to commit to it in a way I never have before.

Next year, I am absolutely taking the plunge and taking my commitment to my various sporting teams to the next level. It’s not enough for me to watch them on television anymore – it’s time to hit the grounds and hang out with the most important people of all – the fans.

In 2016, I’m going to take my number of sporting memberships from 2 to 4. By the end of tomorrow, I will officially be a member of the Parramatta Eels, the Sydney Swans, the GWS Giants and the Sydney Thunder.

4 memberships. You might think I’ve gone a little bit crazy – but there’s something pretty special about knowing that you are contributing financially to the success of your team and truly part of something special.

I thought I would take some time to tell you all about what I’m about to sign up for and then, at the end, you can tell me which colour you think I’m going to look best in. I’m guessing it’s not going to be orange… but I might surprise all of you.

Parramatta Eels 2016

It’s no secret – the Parramatta Eels will always be my number one team. No matter what happens, this membership is the one that is by far the most important to me and the one which I will hold for the rest of my life.

I’ve been a member of the Parramatta Eels since 2010, so this will be year number 6. I was given my first membership as a 21st birthday gift and now I simply could not imagine my life without my Eels membership. There is nothing I love more than going to Pirtek Stadium to cheer my boys on with my Parramatta Eels family. For the months of March to September each year, Pirtek Stadium is my second home and the people that sit around me become my second family.

Not only is the buzz at the Stadium important, but it means a tremendous amount to me to be able to financially support my Club and to keep a very firm hold on the voting rights which attach to my membership.

Next year is a first though. I’m not just going to sign up for any old Eels Membership. It’s time to upgrade my membership to the Rolls Royce’s of membership – the Parramatta Eels Captain Club.

As a Club, the Eels are very special to me and I love feeling a part of the Club. There is no better way to ensure the financial survival of my Club than to contribute even more to it financially. So give me all the bells and whistles, because next year I’m going big.

As part of my membership, I’m looking forward to receiving my personalised Captain’s Club mug (so I can carry it around at work), a choice of jersey (will you all help me pick?) and a couple of extra events (look out David Gower). It’s going to be a special 2016.

One final comment on this membership – it really does show the power of sport doesn’t it? For a team that has not been performing so successfully on the field over the last few years, with a membership campaign that I don’t particularly like (is anyone else frightened of it?) to be able to convince me to spend almost $1000 on a membership is very impressive. Parramatta, you are lucky that my heart will always be blue and gold.  

Sydney Thunder 2015/2016

I’m a bit apprehensive about this one – who looks good in green (apart from Kermit the Frog of course).

I’ve always been a cricket fan – certainly not to the extent that I have been an NRL fan, but enough to be able to chat confidently about the sport in public and engage in meaningful conversation.

The Big Bash as a concept absolutely intrigues me. Set up purely for the purpose of engaging the next generation of cricketers it means that there is a real focus on family, kids and community. I love it already. This means that there is a focus on family fun and creating a tremendous atmosphere at the games. Do you think they’ll play Taylor Swift?

The Thunder are the team from Western Sydney and of course, I am a proud Western Sydney woman at heart – how could I possibly pick any other team? This is despite my love of pink… sorry Sydney Sixers.

I’m looking forward to falling in love with the Thunder over the coming season – I hear they do some amazing work in the community and even have something called the Thunder Bus? No doubt I’ll be working towards getting a photo with that by the end of the season.

This membership is ridiculously affordable. I almost can’t quite believe the quality of the offering.

For $100 I will have access to  reserved seat at all the Thunder’s home games. I get access to the Easter Show (time to cuddle the piglets) and the opportunity to meet the players before and after each game.

That sounds pretty good to me and enough to make me feel confident enough to wear green.

And with the launch of the WBBL this season as well – there’s no better time to be thunderstruck. It’s also exciting to be part of something which is growing – I’m looking forward to watching the BBL explode even more in 2016.

Sydney Swans 2016 / GWS Giants 2016

This is where it all becomes a little bit odd. I can hear you all asking ‘how can you possibly be a member of two AFL teams?’ It’s kind of easy. The devotion I have to AFL is no where near that I have to the NRL and my Parramatta Eels membership will take priority – if games clash, you’ll find me at Pirtek.

I have always been a Sydney Swans fan – with players like Adam Goodes and Jarrad McVeigh, how could you not be. But, as I said above, I am a proud girl from Western Sydney and have loved watching the Giants grow as a team. I love both Sydney teams and am more than happy to commit to 3 game passes for each of them.

So one weekend, you might find me wearing red and white and on the other, I’ll be in orange.

Look out for me in the Ugly Sweater too – I’ll be getting my hot little hands on a GWS Giants one shortly. If the term Ugly Sweater doesn’t mean anything to you, I suggest you look it up.

So there we go – it’s going to be a big summer and an even bigger 2016. I look forward to sharing all of it with you.

Big thanks to the Daily Telegraph and the team at NRL SuperCoach for the funds to make this dream possible.



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