Sydney, let’s get behind the Roosters!


Here at Ladies who League I feel like we like to put our bias on the table. I will always, first and foremost, be a Parramatta Eels supporter – but that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t other Clubs with players that I respect and admire and administrators which are leading the way when it comes to good governance in our game. In order for Ladies who League to be successful we need to rise above club boundaries and this is what this story is all about – or more, me rising above Club boundaries.

Heading into the Qualifying Finals this weekend, there are 4 teams remaining – the Sydney Roosters, the Brisbane Broncos, the North Queensland Cowboys and the Melbourne Storm.

I won’t set out my feelings for the Melbourne Storm, but suffice to say, I’m not on their bandwagon.

I have nothing against the two Queensland teams and would be more than happy for either of them to take out the title but as a woman born and bred in Sydney, I feel it’s only natural that I am throwing my support behind the Roosters. The Roosters are the only Sydney team remaining and I’m hoping that the rest of Sydney joins me.

I’ve told a number of people this this week and I am met with much surprise. It seems to me that the Sydney Roosters are one of the most hated Clubs in Sydney and will not be the team that most Sydneysiders throw their support behind. But my question is why?

Over the past couple of seasons the Sydney Roosters are one of the Clubs that I have developed a real fondness for and I will tell anyone who listens.

Let’s put a long discussion about politics aside. I’ve heard the name Nick Politis mentioned several times as to why people don’t like the Roosters. If politics was enough to put me off a team then I certainly wouldn’t be supporting the Parramatta Eels. To be honest, whatever Politis is doing at a governance level seems to be working, with the Roosters, on the whole, being able to stay out of the media for the wrong reasons.

When I look at the Roosters squad, I’m not sure how people can dislike them – think players like Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Dylan Napa, Mitch Aubusson, Boyd Cordner, James Maloney and my absolute favourite, Aidan Guerra. How can you not adore watching Tuivasa-Sheck sidestep? How can you not love Boyd Cordner’s chin? Dylan Napa has plenty of attitude and I love that too. I told my dad yesterday that I think that Aidan Guerra speaks like Antonio Banderas and does fencing in his spare time… he believed me. These are players that have passion, energy, commitment and are extremely talented – I just love watching them.

The other player that I have developed a real fondness for at the Roosters is Jake Friend. In rugby league, one of the most ridiculously overused words is ‘redemption story’. We sometimes throw it around in circumstances where I feel it’s inappropriate. However, one player where the term should indeed be used is Jake Friend.

Following a number of off field indiscretions and his contract being torn up, Jake Friend really began to turn things around in 2010. Since then he has consistently improved and been working towards being a leader at his Club. This year it happened. To see him named as a co-captain this year is astounding and a real credit to him. It’s a story that I am very proud to share with others and I truly hope that Jake keeps rising from strength to strength.

We haven’t even discussed the Sydney Roosters coach, Trent Robinson – another person I have tremendous respect for. To see how he has developed and molded this team over time has been a joy to watch and it’s a credit to him to see the team doing so well.

So come on Sydney! Have I convinced you yet? Have I said enough to encourage all of you to throw your support behind the Roosters? If not, that’s cool – just don’t throw your support behind the Storm.


Ladies who League xxx