Taking a dive into the NRL penalties

Another week goes by and the words expressed, on a weekly basis, of Roosters coach Trent Robinson fall on deaf ears. Why has the NRL shown little interest in stamping out the issue of players staying down for penalties? Do we really want the game we all love to turn into what has become a […]

The day the Footy Gods forgot me…

On behalf of Ladies who League, today I would like to spend some time congratulating the NRL on its unity, togetherness and sense of community on the day following several moving tributes in honour of ANZAC Day. Yesterday, a record 5 games were played in both Australia and New Zealand each with their own tribute […]

Is Greg Bird the Word?

Such is the sad fact the Knights will lose international Beau Scott at the end of the year, Knights director Michael Hagan confirmed the club were already making 2016 plans. What we as Knights fans do know is they are currently in the process of retaining forwards Kade Snowden and Jeremy Smith. They have had […]

Go for gold!

Australian rugby union has some of the best rugby players in the world. So the question is, what is this obsession with luring back overseas players?  A poor workman always blames his tools but Australian rugby has plenty of good tools.  Perhaps we need to start working with what we’ve got and focusing on developing […]

The NRL teams of Westeros

Just like many other Australians, I found myself counting down the days until Monday 6 April. Can anyone guess why? I’ll give you a hint – it had nothing to do with NRL or the Parramatta Eels. Monday 6 April was the day that Game of Thrones returned to my television screen. For those of […]

Oh! We love it when it rains.

As I left work on Monday afternoon there were two things that I was sure of: 1.    that I would get wet on my way home; and 2.    that the Cronulla Sharks would beat the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Remondis Stadium tonight. Many of you will probably laugh and wonder how I possibly […]

No excuse for refereeing rudeness

In the past couple of weeks the focus has well and truly been on referee’s. Since the scenes following the match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canterbury Bulldogs on Good Friday it seems as though the NRL community has spoken of nothing else. To be honest, I was getting sick of it because […]

Get diving out of the NRL ASAP!

On Tuesday, Glenn Stewart admitted to taking a dive to get an obstruction penalty in Monday night’s game against North Queensland. Stewart told the media he deliberately fell after running into Ethan Lowe as Michael Morgan went on to score, because he knew he wasn’t going to get to Morgan to stop the try. The […]

Help me, I’m an NRL SuperCoach addict!

At the end of last year as I reflected on another NRL season come and gone, I didn’t think that I could become any more obsessed with rugby league. In between maintenance of Ladies who League, appearing on HensFC, writing for the Roar, writing a weekly blog for the Parramatta Eels and supporting the Parramatta […]

Russell Packer and his return to the NRL

I go into the writing of this story very aware that there are people that are going to vehemently disagree with my view. This does not surprise me. The subject of this blog post is one which people feel very passionate about and it is a subject which goes to the integrity of the NRL, […]