Men’s perception of ladies in league needs to change

Sitting in an International Women’s Day session listening to Janine Bushby talk about gender equality, I had an epiphany – the NRL are doing a great job in celebrating women in league and getting more women involved in the game, however they are only just scratching at the surface.   Since its inception in 2007, […]

2015 – The Parramatta Eels have arrived

2015 NRL season – the Parramatta Eels have arrived. Excuse me while I get my head out of the clouds. It might take a few moments because right now, I am a very happy Parramatta Eels supporter. I am not delusional. The NRL season is a long one – there are still 25 rounds to […]

An open letter to Wayne Bennett

Dear Wayne Bennett,  I have tremendous respect for you as a coach. What you have achieved as a coach in your NRL career has never even come close to being surpassed by anyone else. You were appointed inaugural coach of the Brisbane Broncos when the team was founded in 1988. When you left in 2008 […]

Back room bickering spells disaster for Sea Eagles

As an NRL fan with a keen interest in corporate governance and in particular, the way our Clubs are administered, I have always watched with fascination as in almost every case, board room bickering eventually begins to affect results on the field. The old saying ‘a fish rots from its head’ is absolutely true and […]