Top 8 ‘take a second look’ haircuts in the NRL

The first few rounds of the NRL season are always fascinating because they are always full of surprises. Who would have predicted that at this point the Cowboys would be 0/3? Who would have predicted the injury toll that the Parramatta Eels have sustained in the last 2 rounds? Who could have possibly imagined just how average the Dragons have looked in their first three performances this year?

So many questions and it’s only round 3.  

Despite all the surprises that the first three rounds have offered us, there has been one sticking point. There has been one point of discussion which has been talked about by fans time and time again.

Player haircuts.

Never have I seen so much discussion about the way that the NRL players are wearing their hair and for quite possibly, very good reason. This year has boasted some of the most interesting haircuts we have ever seen.

Today we count down the ‘Top 8 of ‘take a second look’ haircuts’ so far in 2015.

8. Tepai Moeroa

Let me introduce you all to Tepai Moeroa. Tepai made his debut for the Parramatta Eels in Round 18 of the NRL season against the Warriors. When he came onto the field, many fans had to do a double take as they thought Nathan Hindmarsh had come out of retirement. The Nathan Hindmarsh hair cut was back and so was Nathan Hindmarsh’s tackling ability, just in younger form.

In 2015 Tepai’s hair only seems to have grown longer. Am I the only one who has an urge to run my fingers through it?  


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7. Jack de Belin 

One of my favourite Dragons and a player who has often urged other players to ‘get with the times’ in relation to personal grooming is Jack de Belin. This year he has decided that the man bun is enough to constitute him ‘getting with the times’. Have you all encountered the man bun? The man bun rose to critical acclaim in 2014 when world renowned men of good looks like Brad Pitt, Leonardo di Caprio, Harry Styles, Colin Farrell and David Beckham started sporting it.

It is a haircut where a man, generally with long to medium hair, secures his hair into a round bun at the top of his head. Is it a sexy hair cut? The jury is still out.

One man who isn’t a fan is Vossy. He said it was a ‘sad day for rugby league’ when one of the match officials referred to the New Zealand Warriors Solomone Kata as ‘the guy with the bun’.

Will the man bun live past the 2015 NRL season? It is yet to be seen.

This haircut is so divisive, we were unable to find a picture of it on social media. 

6. James Tedesco

You’ll notice a theme as we get to the pointy end of this count down and that is the prominence of Wests Tigers players in the list.

Have the Tigers got a wager going for who can have the most interesting hair cut? Will Tedesco win with his current look?

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5. Cameron Smith

Poor old Cam Smith looks like he is holding on for dear life. There has been much talk about the Storm and how many of their star players might be reaching the twilight of their careers. We have some advice to Cam Smith – just shave it off.

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4. Aaron Woods

One of my favourite NRL players and a key reason why the Tigers have started season 2015 so strongly. He reminds us of a retro 80’s football card with that long hair, beard and head band.

Woodsy’s hair cut leaves us with more questions than answers. Is he trying to take Corey Parker’s ‘God’ nickname with his hair cut? Is he Samson from Samson and Delilah? Will he lose all playing ability if he cuts off his hair? Does Woodsy even get haircuts?

Maybe Woodsy can answer some of these questions for us on Twitter.

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3. Trent Hodkinson

We get really hungry every time we look at Hodko’s hair cut because it looks like someone has dumped a plate of spaghetti on his head. Oh Hodko, we’re not sure what the inspiration was for your latest do, but pleaseā€¦ NRL fans are begging you to please get a haircut.

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2. Kevin Naiqama

Another theme, other than Wests Tigers players being featured, is the attention which the various commentary teams seem to be giving payer haircuts. Yesterday Gus Gould had my family in hysterics as he claimed that he finally understood Naiqama’s haircut – it was there to ‘help him catch the ball’.

Kevin, we have one question to ask you. Did you recently audition for the role of Mr T?

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1. Daly Cherry-Evans

You’ll have to forgive us for cheating. Technically DCE did not have this haircut in 2015, he had it in 2014, but we didn’t have the heart to exclude it from out countdown.

Whilst the other haircuts in the list are ones you need to ‘take a second look at’, one look was enough at DCE’s. It was by far the worst hair cut I have ever seen on an NRL player.

To be fair to DCE, he did not pay for the haircut – instead opting for a ‘do-it-yourself’ attempt with the assistance of Jamie Buhrer.

DCE, please never do this again. I know haircuts in the Manly region can be expensive, let us know if you are ever short of cash. Ladies who League would be more than happy to sponsor your next hair cut as long as we never see that atrocity again.

Daly Cherry-Evans New HairDaly Cherry-Evans New Hair

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Have we covered the field? I would love to know if you have any additional suggestions!


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