Captain, oh my captain!

I have a confession to make. This is my first year of playing NRL Supercoach and it has taken over my life.

My life has changed dramatically and it’s only been 2 rounds of the NRL competition. Now, I desperately wait for 2.30p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon to check my rankings, I beg men like George Burgess and George Jennings to make one more bloody offload, cheer whenever James Maloney makes a line-break and all of a sudden words like ‘CP13’, ‘break-even’ and ‘Gurgess’ have taken on a new found meaning.

Each week I now have to dedicate time to thinking about my team, who to trade in or out and who to play as my reserves. It’s only Round 3 and I am exhausted.

But I’m not doing too badly – I am currently ranked 1040 out of 106,451 players putting me in the top 1%. Not too bad for a newbie and not too bad considering that ever since I have started playing, I have had a massive problem.

And I think I am speaking to my fellow Supercoach addicts when I ask, who do I pick as my Captain?

It is astounding to me that I am still ranked in a pretty good position despite my error in judgement in picking Corey Parker as my Captain in Week 1 and Shaun Johnson as my Captain in Week 2. Everyone knows that when you pick Shaun Johnson as your Captain, you are going to be hanging from the edge of your seat. This suggests to me, that a lot of other Supercoach addicts are having the same problem as me.

From my research and current understanding your Captain should be a reliable player – he should play the full 80 minutes and be looking to get a score of around 80 each week. Much like the actual NRL teams, your Captain needs to lead by example and be a player you can depend on.

At the beginning of the year, before I picked my team, the men that I short-listed for inclusion that I thought could have been my Captain each week were Robbie Farah, Andrew Fifita, Johnathan Thurston or Corey Parker. Eventually the men that made my side were Parker and Fifita.

But now, each week, I struggle to pick a Captain.

In Week 1, I picked Corey Parker. Following his performance (only playing 60 minutes) and Bennett playing him out of dummy half, people were laughing at me. People were delighted that they had dodged the ‘Parker bullet’. This error of judgement though did not prove too costly as the others, being JT and Andrew Fifita did not perform much better. Thurston, might I add, has arguably been the biggest Supercoach disappointment of the year – only having made 63 points in his first two rounds for the Cowboys.

Andrew Fifita does not seem like much of an option either and is simply not having the impact he had last year with Gallen on the field.

Farrah was a captain disaster on the weekend – not only was he taken off, but he came onto the field and conceded 2 penalties immediately. Who mentioned the Taylor strategy of 10 mins off after half time?.

At the moment, it seems to me that there is only one player that you could pick as Captain and be confident that they will get a consistent score – Paul Gallen. But he’s not in my team?

My Captain is causing me tremendous trouble at the moment. I may need to write a letter to Wayne begging him to let Corey Parker play for 80 minutes or do the unthinkable of considering Soliola or Harris who have beaten the score of each of my captains two weeks running

Help me please, fellow Supercoach addicts!


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