Footy’s back (we mean AFL!)

And I could not have a greater mix of emotions. As an AFL fan, the familiar feeling of anticipation that creeps in at this time each year is building, but as a Swans fan I have never been more nervous.

Not only do the Swans raise many questions off the back of 2014, this year I have decided to take my AFL devotion one step further and give this blog thing a bit of a crack. Last year my motivation lasted all of one week when I posted an article on The Roar concerning my vitriolic not so subtle feelings regarding the recruitment of one Lance Franklin. You can read that here. But I hope this year I can show a little more courage and resolve.

I learnt a few things following that article. First, every man and has moderately AFL literate dog has an opinion, on your opinion. Second, people don’t forget easily. Amongst friends, I find Buddy is ever increasingly referred to as “Davida’s mate” and whenever he kicks 3 goals plus in a game (ie many games) like clockwork I am faced with, “So whaddaya reckon about Buddy now?”. 

Third, and probably most importantly, the Internet is unforgiving. Whatever I write including, these. very. words. may never be erased. So – I will watch my tongue. Of course I won’t always be right, and am definitely not “in the know” but I hope that any opinions I have are at least as well informed as any overcommitted Sydney AFL fan’s can be, and are not taken personally.

Buddy, he has quite a boot that almost helped the Swans to a flag (more on the worst day of my life later) and probably the worst thing he did last year was smash his girlfriend’s luxury car. But was it justifiable to spend $10 million on a one-man show and with it incur the wrath of a growing number of Swans haters? Unfortunately no one knows the answer to that, not even Buddy, and only time will tell. 

But regardless of these lessons, which, mind you, stemmed from one teeny article, I can’t wait to write a few more and see what season 2015 brings for both the Swans and the AFL as a whole.

There are so many fascinating issues that the AFL faces and will play out this year including: whether the Tom Boyd and Ryan Griffen trade will pay off for either club, the Essendon supplements saga (still), questions of player power and whether the Hawks can make a hat trick. And I will be there, pen poised, for all of them.

Finally, may I say a thank you to Mary K for setting up this site and encouraging women to write about footy of all codes. I hope her efforts and my attempts to write something vaguely incisive will encourage more ladies to do the same.


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