In the red…

…And don’t they know it.  You just had to look at the faces of the Queensland Reds players on Friday night after they went down to the Lions 18-17.  With six injured players making their Super Rugby comeback, it was a ‘sure thing’.  The spark was there, but they somehow couldn’t get across the line.  So what […]

Decision time for Dessy

Haven’t the Bulldogs been in tremendous form in 2015? Their monstrous forward pack and the attacking prowess of Moses Mbye, Trent Hodkinson and Brett Morris have seen the Dogs enter round 5 with 3 straight wins under their belts, having only been defeated by the Panthers in round 1. However, this week Des Hasler has […]

Keep calm – it’s only Round 4!

If there is anything that the first few rounds of the NRL competition have taught us, it’s that we know very little about the way that the 2015 season is going to pan out. We’ve had surprises, upsets, scandals and seen teams wrecked by injury. Despite this, people are very quick to get carried away […]

Is anyone else bored?

October and February – the dreaded NRL off season. A time of the year I do not look forward to. Sure, I love the Sydney Festival, Christmas, summer sunshine and the cricket, but to be honest, none of it compares to the feeling I get when the NRL is on. I am addicted to the […]

Top 8 ‘take a second look’ haircuts in the NRL

The first few rounds of the NRL season are always fascinating because they are always full of surprises. Who would have predicted that at this point the Cowboys would be 0/3? Who would have predicted the injury toll that the Parramatta Eels have sustained in the last 2 rounds? Who could have possibly imagined just […]

Captain, oh my captain!

I have a confession to make. This is my first year of playing NRL Supercoach and it has taken over my life. My life has changed dramatically and it’s only been 2 rounds of the NRL competition. Now, I desperately wait for 2.30p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon to check my rankings, I beg men like […]

King Arthur and his Parramatta Eels

A coach in the NRL – there is probably no job in the world that I would want less, other than professional tipster. After my efforts last weekend, I should not be able to make tipping predictions ever again. Back to coaches. When a team is going well, the players are hailed as Messiah’s and […]

NRL crowds – well done!

If everyone could please refrain from talking about my Expert Tips for Round 2, that would be much appreciated. The shame of my current score has been haunting me for most of the weekend. Despite my abysmal tips, I did get to enjoy some of the magnificent football which was played over the weekend. For […]

Footy’s back (we mean AFL!)

And I could not have a greater mix of emotions. As an AFL fan, the familiar feeling of anticipation that creeps in at this time each year is building, but as a Swans fan I have never been more nervous. Not only do the Swans raise many questions off the back of 2014, this year […]

Danny Wicks – road to redemption

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a story of redemption. But this perhaps doesn’t sit consistently with the fierce sense of protection I feel for my Club, its players, its fans and its reputation. Traditionally, I have always said that one of the reasons I support the Parramatta Eels and a big reason I […]