Discussion: Grand Final Ticket Prices

Today we are trying something new with the website. For those of you with Facebook, we have changed the way you can leave comments for us. Hopefully, now it is a much easier process.

Last night, we made a couple of comments about Grand Final Ticket prices. We would love to hear your thoughts – so feel free to leave us a comment.

The prices, as announced, are as follows:

Diamond: $380 (Adult).
Platinum: $310 (Adult).
Gold: $245 (Adult), $230 (Concession), $215 (Junior), $705 (Family).
Silver: $165 (Adult), $120 (Concession), $95 Junior, $420 (Family).
Bronze: $80 (Adult), $60 (Concession), $50 (Junior), $190 (Family).
What are your thoughts? Are the prices too high? Are the prices too low? Or are they just right?
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