LwL: People of Influence – Linda Burney

Today, I set out to write a story about our next person of influence, Linda Burney. Linda Burney is the Chairperson of the Rugby League Indigenous Council. This story was very difficult to write. Why? Because there was very little information available about Linda. I see this as a tremendous opportunity for Ladies who League […]

LwL: People of Influence – Kasey Badger

For those of you that have been reading the blog you will know that the last person of influence we wrote about was Ruan Sims, current female NRL player and Jillaroo. She is a woman we are very proud of and delighted to see on the field representing our country. Our next person of influence […]

LwL: People of Influence – Ruan Sims

Increasing female participation in Rugby League is about so much more than making sure that female talent is developed, fostered, nurtured and retained at a board and administrative level. Today we are changing direction and focusing on women who play rugby league. As we have mentioned over the last month, on countless occasions, female participation […]

LwL: People of Influence – Katie Page

Happy Friday everyone. We hope you have all enjoyed our first week of celebrating influential people in the NRL. We look forward to sharing some new faces with you this month as we edge closer toward our first birthday. Our hope is that this month, we are able to introduce you to at least one […]

LwL: People of Influence – Corene Strauss

It’s clear that this week most of our blogs have had a theme and that is that our people of influence are people which are involved in the upper management of the NRL. We thought we might continue on this theme for this week, but rest assured we recognise how important women are in all […]

Booze bans – yes or no?

Today in the Sydney Morning Herald, Adrian Proszenko has written an article about the self imposed alcohol ban which the Sydney Roosters have put themselves on for the remainder of the 2014 season. You can check that story out here. The reason that the Roosters have imposed this ‘booze ban’ is to get themselves back […]

LwL: People of Influence – Raelene Castle

How could we possible have a month of celebrating individuals who promote and support the role of women in our game without talking about Raelene Castle. As you will all know by now, Raelene has just celebrated her 1 year anniversary as Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs CEO. When talking about the achievements and advancements that women […]

Should State of Origin be played in Melbourne?

It was announced this week that game two of the State of Origin will be played at the MCG in 2015. This announcement has made me feel extremely possessive of our beloved game. Having actually lived in Melbourne I believe the points I’m about to share are valid and true because of my experiences in […]

LwL: People of Influence – Dave Smith

This week we are keeping in theme with celebrating people of influence in the rugby league community. So far this week we have recognised the contributions of both Catharine Lumby and Catherine Harris who are both involved with the NRL but in very different capacities. Today I wanted to take some time to celebrate Dave […]