Was Todd Carney’s punishment too harsh?

Todd Carney didn’t commit a crime by urinating into his own mouth, but it was definitely very stupid.

I’m not too sure why anyone would want to urinate into their own mouth but Todd Carney thought it was funny and unfortunately for him, he was photographed while doing it.

The Cronulla Sharks have terminated Carney’s contract effective immediately. So did Carney deserve to be sacked?

Based on Carney’s past and this latest incident bringing the game in to disrepute, yes, he does deserve to be sacked. If you base it on certain players who are still allowed to run around in the NRL, no, he doesn’t deserve to be sacked.

We need to stop looking back to past incidents to set a precedent on player punishments.

It’s unfortunate that we have a player who bashed a pregnant lady running around in the NRL. He should have been deregistered and never to be allowed to play again. However, just because Robert Lui got off lightly, it doesn’t mean players like Todd Carney shouldn’t be treated harshly.

We need to stop comparing all incidents to the Robert Lui case. The wrong decision was made to let him back in the game but that was under the previous administration. The NRL has a new administration now and they are going to make sure the punishment fits the crime.

We should be applauding the NRL for taking a stance on bad behaviour instead of bringing up Robert Lui up every time something bad happens.

The NRL can’t go back and change the past, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t start making the right decisions now.


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