Happy Birthday LwL!


In case you have missed the tweets over the last few days or my outrageous heading in capitals, today is Ladies who League first birthday and we’re here to celebrate (I enjoy almost any opportunity to eat cake).

I started the blog one year ago today as a 24 year old lawyer who was mad about the Parramatta Eels and about rugby league. As I write this story one year later, not too much has changed (except that I am one year older). But, I can look back with tremendous pride over the last year and reflect on how far we have come.

The blog started with the intention of becoming a community of female bloggers who love the NRL. Slowly, I think we are getting there.

Even though rugby league is still a very male dominated area, we cannot deny that tremendous progress has been made in the past 12 months with appointments like that of Raelene Castle, Corene Strauss, the success of our female sporting heroes and the development of Kasey Badger as a more professional referee. Women are beginning to become more visible in rugby league and we hope that we have helped support this.

On a more personal level, 1 year ago I could not have believed that the blog would progress as far as it has. We now have over 1200 followers on twitter, have written over 150 articles in the last year and have had over 500,000 hits on our website in just over 3 months. I still need to pinch myself.

Some other moments I have been very proud of this year include:

·      being asked to write a weekly blog for the Parramatta Eels;

·      being asked to attend the Women in League launch and lunch at the NRL;

·      appearing on HensFC with the fabulous Debbie Spillane, Kellie Underwood and Lucy Zelic; and

·      being interviewed various times through the year.

The blog has also let me meet some amazing individuals of which there are too many to name just here. Each of them has been very supportive and spurred me on to keep going and to keep writing.

I am also so grateful to friends, family and each of our 1200 twitter followers for your support and for spreading the good word. We could not have gotten here without you. My involvement with the game I love has stepped up to a whole new level because of your support.

So thank you. If you could share the blog with one friend today, it would be a perfect birthday present.

We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with all of you.


Mary (and Ladies who League)


P.S. A big thank you to Stephen Cooper for designing our website.

P.P.S Please leave us a birthday comment!

P.P.P.S A massive thank you to Simone Whetton as well. This post is dedicated to you – the blog would not have been born without you. Thank you for being an inspiration.

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