LwL People of Influence – Rebecca Frizelle

In order for women to continue to make their mark in NRL, female leadership needs to be visible and it needs to be visible at all levels of the game.

We wanted to congratulate the Gold Coast Titans and celebrate our person of influence for today – Rebecca Frizelle.

This year, the Gold Coast Titans appointed Rebecca Frizelle to their board of directors.

Some background on Rebecca’s career includes that she is a joint dealer-principal and group operations manager at James Frizelle’s Automotive Group and a long time sponsor and supporter of the Titans.

Similar to other milestones for women which we have celebrated this year, Rebecca’s appointment was significant because she was the first female club chairperson ever appointed in the NRL.

It seems that while we can sledge them all we like in State of Origin, Queensland has helped pave the way in regard to female leadership, with the Gold Coast producing the rugby league’s first female director in 1994 – Alice Flint.

For people who live on the Gold Coast, when you mention Rebecca to them, she is well known for her skill in business and her leadership in her field.

When she was appointed, there was a focus on the board of the Gold Coast being a board which would boast diverse skills in business, networking and integrity in order to move the club forward.

Today, more than ever, the NRL is like a business and the people at the top need to have the appropriate skills. No longer is it simply appropriate to appoint former players or people who just love the game – the people appointed to boards need to have a range of diverse skills and it is clear that Rebecca was appointed based on these diverse skills.

Upon her appointment, Rebecca commented that she would “ bring a female perspective which can at times be extremely different in some aspects, recognising that women are often the decision makers in families.” That’s well said and ties in well with the fact that women are now the fastest growing influence in the game. 

Well done Rebecca, we’ll be keeping our eye on you and the Titans!


Ladies who League