Being superstitious makes me blue

I should begin this post by saying that I am a superstitious person when it comes to football.

In the past I have been known to make comments like “I can’t tip against the Eels, because then they will win to spite me.”

I am convinced that if I am invited to an event and I miss that event in favour of attending a Parramatta Eels match, the Eels will lose to spite me.

I never, EVER talk about making the Grand Final until Parramatta are actually there (a rarity, I know).  In a similar vein, I never buy Grand Final tickets until Parramatta have actually made it and this means that I never book holidays in October, just in case.

I am also a firm believer in the Footy Gods… which is why I am going to take much care in writing this blog 

We all know that Wednesday night is going to be massive. State of Origin – Game 2. A night where New South Welshmen embrace Greg Bird as one of their own and Queensland fans pretend to like Darius Boys.

Game 1 was a showstopper. It was an epic contest  which saw the Blues victorious 12 – 8. What made the victory all the more impressive was that New South Wales held on to fend off a relentless crusade by the Queensland team in the last 10 minutes. We were brave in defence, dynamic in attack and never, ever gave up. In front of a roaring crowd of maroon in Queensland, it was no small feat.

We have not won a State of Origin series in 8 years, but if New South Wales ever had an opportunity to take home a series, Wednesday night should be it.

First of all – we have our home crowd advantage. I am looking forward to seeing Blatchy’s Blues out in force. The boys in blue should be inspired and spurred on by their crowd who will be hoping to come away with the win.

Also, while New South Wales should be strengthened by the addition of Greg Bird to the squad, Queensland have had some casualties in the past couple of week. Players injured for the men in maroon include Cooper Cronk and Billy Slater. There is also a whole raft of players who are under injury clouds including Greg Inglis, Corey Parker and Daly Cherry-Evans. These players have been crucial to Queensland’s success in the past and New South Wales should take great confidence in the pact that Queensland has had to name a couple of untested players like Ben Hunt and Anthony Milford to fill what are unquestionably, large boots.

I’m not sure whether I am allowed to say I am quietly confident, for the first time in many years. But if the hoodoo strikes again, please don’t blame me!


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