Celebrating John Morris

It’s not often enough that we celebrate the underdogs in the NRL. Today we thought it would be fitting to celebrate one of the good guys – John Morris particularly in the wake of celebrations in honour of his 300th NRL game last night. On Monday night, Johnny Morris joined the 300 club, a group […]

Can Ricky rebuild?

It seems like almost every week this year the NRL has given me something to celebrate. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging about some of the amazing achievements we have seen from women this year, particularly our female athletes. I have also enjoyed talking about the Eels resurgence, Members Round and most recently, Women in League […]

Does Blake Ferguson deserve another chance?

Blake Ferguson working in a community based role for the Sydney Roosters. That’s not something I thought I’d ever hear. I’m a big believer in second chances, however Ferguson has already had his second chance and blew that as well. I understand Ferguson needs money to live and is entitled to work, but in the […]

Everybody [loves] Ricky

Ricky Stuart – I’ve had enough. Following Ricky accusing the referees of not being up to first grade standard over the weekend, is it time someone said the unthinkable? Ricky, I don’t think you are up to first grade standard as a coach. As a Parramatta supporter, I can be accused of bias when it […]

Women in League – Ortenzia Borre

Ortenzia Borre is an NRL and Sports Presenter. You may know her from her work with the boys on Mark my Words. Growing up, every Friday night, the football was on, not even to be changed during the ad breaks for a Disney Friday night movie. I remember having a signed photo hanging on my […]

Some words from across the Tasman – Corey Rosser

Corey Rosser works for Auckland Rugby League and NRL.com.  In the rightful swarm of praise for the wonderful woman in rugby league who contribute through administration-based roles, the Women in League concept can sometimes lose track of an important fact. That ladies actually play our great game, and play it well. New Zealand’s Honey Hireme […]

Hens FC – May 17 Podcast

We were so proud of our @mary__kaye as she appeared on Hens FC yesterday with Debbie Spillane, Lucy Zelic and Kellie Underwood.  Check out the podcast here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-05-18/hens-fc-may-18/5460710 Love, Ladies who League

Karen Hardy, let’s talk!

This week, you will all know that we have been celebrating Women in League Round. What a round it has been.  We have really enjoyed ourselves here at Ladies who League and have had some wonderful contributions from friends of ours like Jen Browning, Amber Wallace, Elle Allsop, Darlene Maher and Sonia Lewis. A big […]

My NRL Journey

Hayley Maher is a Senior Blogger for Ladies Who League and is also a Rookie writer for the Roar.  Growing up with two brothers and surrounded by only boy cousins until I was 14, it was inevitable that I started following Rugby League. My dad grew up playing Rugby League with players like Sterlo. He […]