Ben is 10/10

One of the nicest guys running around in the NRL today (well he did not do so much ‘running’ around this year) I would have to say is Ben Smith. 

I would have to say that over the years I have never seen Ben Smith say ‘no’ to anyone. Always there to sign an autograph, take a photo or stop for a chat. His work in the community and his caring for the fans never ceases to amaze me.

His patience with the fans who wish they were 20 years younger, skinnier and better looking (namely me) is endless. He always has time for a hug and always has time for me. 

He is one of those type of guys that I would love to continue to be in my life after the game… One I would love to consider a friend. I wish him nothing but the best and will always have a place in my heart for him. 

This leads to something that I must write about… It scares me how some fans are about players. For me it is the club… Players come and players go and occasionally you find that player who becomes more of a person than a player (Ben Smith). 

Players are people too… People NEED to keep things in prospective! When it comes to player’s personal lives and their problems need to be recognised and treated as that; private & important. 

If a player is having problems, Chris Sandow, it impresses me that club I follow and love have put the needs of Chris before the Club. It scares me that supporters out there would rather Chris not deal with his issues and see him running around on the field. 

That fans turn up to ‘Mad Monday’ celebrations, intrude on what should be a private day for the players to blow off steam, relive the season and what could have been. Just because people know where these celebrations are taking place doesn’t give fans the permission to turn up! Did the players actually come up to you and invite you… NO so give them the space and freedom to do what they want. 

Anyway… This is supposed to be a blog about Ben Smith and how great he is, how he never says no and how compassionate he is towards the fans. 

Anyway back to Ben… I love you dearly and really hope that your life holds everything you deserve.


Ladies who League 

Last Modified on June 8, 2017
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