Fiji conjure some Marshall magic to combat Aussies

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The Fijian women’s team takes another significant step on their journey in Suva on Friday when they host the powerful Australian Women’s PM’s XIII captained by Karina Brown.

It is just the second time that the Fijian women’s team have played a Test match together, having burst onto the international scene in style in June when they beat PNG Orchids 28-0 at Leichhardt Oval.

It’s time for the NRLW to grow

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Yesterday, the Brisbane Broncos beat the St George Illawarra Dragons 30-6 in the NRLW grand final.

The Broncos have only lost one game in the history of the NRLW and the Dragons only really showed what they were capable of from the second week of the competition onwards.

Joey’s ref criticism is absurd

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When it comes to rugby league and refereeing, there are many fans and members of the media calling for consistency.

Consistency is a buzzword. Whenever there is a perception that two referees have made different decisions on separate occasions or that a rule is not as black-and-white as it seems, people scream for consistency.

Referees get it right and the commentators misread the room – again

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When I was growing up ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ was one of my favourite fables. The lesson from that fable was that a liar will not be believed even if they are telling the truth.

I was reminded of that fable this week on several occasions; leading into the judiciary appearance of Jared Warea-Hargreaves and after listening to some of the absurd commentary about the men’s finals fixtures.

NRLW: Week 2 preview

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One of the biggest challenges with the NRLW is the length of the season.

There are important reasons for a four-week season, but what it means for the teams competing is that they do not have the same opportunity that exists in the men’s game to build momentum.