Eels fans again riding the finals rollercoaster

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As a Parramatta Eels fan, this is starting to feel all too familiar.

For the previous two years, this was the week of the finals where the Eels season finally came to a painful end.

In 2019 it was at the hands of the Storm. The game is not one I remember fondly. I was at a wedding, streaming the game under the table on my phone and knew 10 minutes in that it was over.

Parra’s players deserved more but Brad Arthur has done enough to remain as Eels coach

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At the start of the year, I declared that if Brad Arthur could not get the Parramatta Eels past Week 2 of the finals, then it might be time to say thank you to their head coach and look elsewhere.

After eight years, my biggest question was whether Arthur could lead Parramatta to a premiership or whether he had reached his ceiling.

Am I allowed to take back my declaration?

‘They’ve underachieved and haven’t progressed’: Does the Titans’ season deserve a pass mark?

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On Saturday afternoon, the Gold Coast Titans’ 2021 season came to an end at the hands of the Sydney Roosters, who managed to hold on to win by 25-24.

It was an unbelievable match.

The Roosters seemed to do everything in their power to lose the game and the Titans weren’t quite good enough to take advantage of that.

Postponing the NRLW was the right thing to do, but where was the players’ voice?

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Just over a week since the NRL announced that the women’s premiership will be postponed until early next year due to COVID, I’m still extremely disappointed.

When it came to the NRLW, the NRL was caught between a rock and a hard place.

A hub environment would not have been fair or appropriate for several reasons.

How did everyone get the Latrell Mitchell hit so wrong

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This year ‘player welfare’ has been the catch cry for the NRL.

It’s the reason that was proffered for the crackdown on contact to the head. It was one of the main discussion points during the conversation about whether to postpone the Rugby League World Cup. And, of course, it has been central in the changes to concussion protocol over several seasons.

Delay not ideal, but 2022 promises plenty

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After months of speculation, the NRL made the almost inevitable announcement that the Telstra Women’s Premiership will be postponed to early 2022.

The news is extremely disappointing for players, fans and administrators. But unfortunately, it was not unexpected.

The six NRLW teams were due to commence pre-season training on Monday. To date, all the players have been training on their own with the teams only able to come together on Zoom.

Ward floored by response after revealing hidden disease

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For so many people, toilet talk is a taboo topic but Meg Ward is determined to change that.

For the last three years as she has represented Australia, the Queensland Maroons and Brisbane Broncos, Ward has also been managing ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease which can cause blood in stools, stomach aches and force a constant need to go to the toilet. Through periods of stress and fatigue the condition can flare up.

NRL presents united front to vaccination; but behind the scenes it’s going to get prickly

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ome people hold the view that sport and politics should not mix. In my view, the two cannot be separated.

Human beings participate in sport and human beings, by nature, are inherently political.

By ‘politics’ I don’t mean the shenanigans that happen in Canberra each week, but more the role sport can play in starting or facilitating a conversation about important social issues.