Women’s Sport Weekly Wrap: The Matildas have arrived

This article was first written and published for The Roar.

I’ll always remember this week as the week where I really felt like for the first time, the Australian public really embraced the Matildas.

It has truly been an incredible week for this team – it started last Saturday when Sam Kerr was on the front of the Sydney Morning Herald back-flipping. Despite increased attention for women in sport, we are still not at a point where women’s sport is covered frequently in our mainstream newspapers.

Women’s sport weekly wrap: Landmark pay deal for football

This article was first written for and published by The Roar.

Football fever has hit Sydney and it all kicks off tomorrow when the Westfield Matildas will play Brazil in the first of a two-game international series at a sold out Pepper Stadium.

Over 17,000 people are expected to attend the game and this will be one the biggest crowds for women’s football this country has ever seen.

Women’s sport weekly wrap: It’s a sell out for the Matildas!!

This article was first written and published for The Roar.

It’s safe to say that the Australian Wallaroos 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup campaign was a successful one.

Over the past couple of weeks I have written several articles about women’s rugby in Australia, questioning whether the ARU is willing to invest the funds necessary to make the women’s XV version of the game successful.

Women’s sport weekly wrap: Is Sam Kerr the best in the world?

This story was first written for and published by The Roar Sports.

It has been an absolutely remarkable week for the Matildas, who are currently in the United States competing in the Tournament of Nations against three of the top ten best female football teams in the world: Japan, the United States and Brazil.

Last Friday was a historic day for women’s football in Australia, with the Matildas recording their first ever win against the United States.

We talk about New Zealand dominance in men’s rugby or Queensland dominance in State of Origin – up until last Friday the United States had it all over Australia in women’s football, with the USA winning all of the previous 27 contents. In the last 12 years the Matildas have not even managed a draw.