We’re Off To Another World Cup

This story was written by Melissa Muscat, proud Sydney FC member.

That’s four consecutive since 2006. And what a privilege and wonderful feeling it is to be joining one of the biggest sporting events on a global stage. It’s hard to imagine what 32 years missing from a World Cup feels like…because that was the reality for the Socceroos before that fateful John Aloisi penalty in November 2005.

Before 2006, the Socceroos last appearance at a World Cup was in Germany in 1974. I was fortunate to be at their next World Cup appearance ironically also in Germany. What a time to be alive! That was the first time I realised how proud I was to be an Aussie. Every second person in the streets of Munich would greet anyone in a Socceroos jersey with ‘Hey Aussie’ and ‘There’s a Kangaroo!’. Everyone who wasn’t Australian wanted a photo with whoever was in the green and gold jersey. I guess it was a big deal for our nation to be involved in the world’s biggest sporting event after it had been so long since we had last made an appearance.

Women’s Sport Weekly Wrap: Get your bum on a seat

This article was first written for and published by The Roar

Are you a sports fan? Are you a supporter of women in sport? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then I want you to prove it.

I read plenty of articles and social commentary lamenting the fact that women’s sport doesn’t get enough coverage, and that the athletes don’t get paid enough or receive the recognition they deserve.

While these statements are true, do you know what would really change the game?

Bums on seats.

Ladies who W-League

This article was written by Sydney FC member Melissa Muscat.

Friday night saw me debut my first ever live women’s football match and I can say I will be back again! Growing up, my family were heavily involved in NSL Football and Saturday night outings consisted of mainly watching the mens Marconi and Melita games. I wasn’t really exposed to a lot of women’s sports, especially being predominantly musical myself but with all the hype and success of the Matildas of late, I’ve been very curious to catch a game.