Mate Versus Mate? Nah. Just Mates!

This article was written by Pip Lee.

It can often be said that when you smile, you’ve made a new friend. Friendships can last for moments, months, or years. You can have everything in common; or very little in common. A solid friendship is one that includes respect, trust, love, laughter, chatter, or just “being. This is the story of a friendship based on Rugby League, but blooming for so many other reasons.

In this very special week, I would like to publicly recognise, and thank one very special friend that I have, Sharon Broad. Every good friendship has a history, and ours is no different.

Women’s Sport Weekly Wrap: Get ready for the Interstate Challenge

This story was first written for and published by The Roar.

Good news Australian sports fans.

Not only did Channel Nine broadcast the Australian Women’s Cricket team’s semi-final in the Women’s World Cup against India last night, but it has also been announced the Women’s Interstate Challenge, which will be played on Sunday at 11.45am at WIN Stadium between the New South Wales Blues and Queensland Maroons, will also be broadcast on Fox Sports and available via live stream on

Ladies who League: A letter to the future

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My dearest Khloe,

Three years ago, your mother asked me to be your godmother. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. You were a perfect, tiny little human and to be asked to play a role in guiding you through this messy, chaotic and beautiful thing called life was a blessing.

When I accepted a role as your godmother I wanted nothing more than for you to grow up having every single opportunity open and available to you. I wanted to always be there to remind you that you could be strong. That you could be bright. That you could be bubbly and independent and sassy and fierce. I wanted you to have the world at your feet.

The Importance of Rugby League Family

This article was written by Pip Lee.

Family. They are funny things. Some of us are born into the “traditional” tree, with branches of mother, father, and grandparents. Others, particularly in this modern time, have trees with many different branches; same branches; broken branches; aging branches. Some people are able to grow their own tree, either through opportunity or necessity.

What’s the point of Women in League round?

This story was first written for and published by The Roar.

This week the NRL celebrates Women in League Round.

Throughout the week and among the celebrations, one question I’ll be asked is ‘what’s the point?’

The people who ask this question often think the round is tokenistic. That it’s unnecessary. That it gives the NRL and the clubs the chance to play in pink jerseys, serve champagne at games and pay lip service to the role women play in our game.

Is there a ‘State of Origin’ in your workplace?

This story was written by Athena Chintis Cahri.

As the excitement built for last night’s State of Origin decider, I thought about the unique team environment that Origin players must operate in.

We’ve all heard the “Mate Against Mate” line and watching week-in-week-out teammates play against each other usually gives us a really exciting game of footy.

Women’s sport weekly wrap: The Blues’ opportunity to redeem NSW

This story was first written for and published by The Roar.

New South Wales Blues fans – are there any of you out there? How are you feeling? Shattered. Tired. Distressed. Over it. All of the above?

After the Queensland Maroons’ dominant 22-6 win to seal the 2017 State of Origin series, I don’t blame any of you for being disappointed. I certainly was.

But I want to remind all of you that it’s not over.

Ladies Who League: Overcoming disappointment

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The sport of rugby league is something I enjoy watching, but what I enjoy hearing about much more are the stories and characters behind the men and women that take the field each week to represent their communities, clubs, states and countries.

The stories behind the players always remind me that first and foremost our rugby league players are human beings. At times, moments in footy happen that shine a light on their humanity and remind us that while these players might be warriors on the field, when the lights go off at the stadium and the crowds disappear they go home and become people like you and me.

Why I can’t see NSW winning SOO Game III

This article was first written for and published by The Roar.

In the lead up to the State of Origin decider, the call to action is always the same – most media outlets demand content about Origin and most rugby league fans want to read it.

We all know that Australians (particularly in New South Wales and Queensland) are obsessed with State of Origin so it makes sense to feature as much Origin content as possible.

Why DCE is MIA from State of Origin: Game III

This article was first written for Ladies who League by Sarah Krause

An injury cloud would be insufficient to describe the maelstrom that descended upon the Queensland camp this year – an injury typhoon would be a more fitting sentiment. Yet not even the absence of seasoned Origin campaigners Johnathan Thurston, Matt Scott, Greg Inglis and Darius Boyd were enough to convince Kevy Walters to extend an olive branch to public enemy number one, Daly Cherry-Evans.

As a Queensland supporter I can’t tell you why we feel an aversion to DCE, only that we do. Much in the same way that we know Wally Lewis is the King of All and Billy Moore’s vocal chords are the best things since XXXX, it is simply a fact passed down in our DNA: DCE does not belong in maroon unless he’s playing for Manly.